Kenneth Whelan

My personal and business motto is:

“Do something good for somebody, somewhere, every day”.

Our Family Credo is:

Be Proud, Be Humble, Be grateful, Be Respectful, Be Unselfish, Be with God, Be at Peace, Be Yourself.

An Arizona native, Ken began working with people with disabilities at a young age while growing up in Phoenix. “When I was in high school, I volunteered to help with the Special Olympics in what was then called the PEOPEL program or Physical Education Opportunities for Exceptional Learners. The program matched athletes from Maryvale High School with students with disabilities who attended Desert Valley High School,” he said.

At age 19, he was hired by Division of Developmental Disabilities, where he started as a direct support staff member and advanced over the years to Area Program Manager, Administrative Service Officer and Training officer. His hard work there did not go unnoticed – he received two Governor’s Awards of Excellence, a  City of Flagstaff commission on disability awareness professional of the year award and in 1995 he was chosen out of 1,200 employees to be DDD’s “Employee of the Year.”

Ken has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for over three decades and is passionate about supporting individuals with disabilities. He served as the State Program Administrator for a large non-profit organization leading a team of over 250 employees and overseeing a ten million dollar budget, while also providing ancillary support to employees in numerous States. Ken is also a member of AAPPD for over 21 years, serving in a variety of roles including regional Vice President, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. “AAPPD is unique in its history, diversity, strength and influence. We’re a strong advocacy group that provides value-added services, support, and operational assistance to our members. If you’re new or thinking of joining AAPPD, the networking opportunities will exceed your expectations,” he said.

In recent years Ken has dedicated his time to the next generation. “I believe the next generation is our generation”, he said. Mentoring, recognizing and rewarding the great accomplishments of the “kids” helps them build their foundation to be great adults.

Doing something good for somebody, somewhere, every day