We’ve had a professional relationship with Ken Whelan and Whelan & Associates for over a decade, and it has yielded significant outcomes for Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) and our precious Members.

Having been Employee of the Year of the Arizona Department of Economic Security-Division of Developmental Disabilities (The Division), Ken knows the ins-and-outs, the language and the culture, the expectations and demands of that monolith.  Never confrontational, but proceeding from the interests of individuals first and real needs of organizations next, Ken gets “heard” in the hallowed halls of the bureaucracy.

Likewise, Ken gets to know personally local and regional political leaders of ALL stripes, and steeped in accurate facts, gets heard on issues affecting our people and movement:  unfunded Federal/State mandates, cumbersome over-regulations, impact of arbitrary minimum-wage hikes, and beyond.

Contracting for services that support our people with AZ-DES/DDD is complicated and cumbersome, and Ken has been instrumental in working with YEI! staff in dotting ALL “I’s” and crossing ALL “t’s”!

Ken has spent a lot of Quality Time with our Board of Directors as well, “teaching up” on the issues facing YEI!, strategic planning, and Executive Succession Planning (gulp!).

Ken is a valued partner of YEI!, and we’re benefited greatly from him being part of our Family!

Bradley J. Newman

Executive Director, Yavapai Exceptional Industries

I’ve known Ken for about two decades. We served together on various boards and committees. In that time I have learned so much from him about the challenges that provider agencies face, just trying to offer caring, effective and reliable, supports to persons with disabilities. I highly recommend any provider in need of help with leadership, policies and procedures, contracts, business plans and other necessary systems to contact Ken immediately.

Daniel Davidson, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA

Positive Behavior Support Advocate

I have known Ken Whelan for many years. Our paths have crossed often through AAPPD and while working on compliance issues, sometimes for the same providers. More recently I have had the pleasure of making joint presentations with Ken on various topics relating to the DES Division of Developmental Disabilities and its program of services. Ken’s deep knowledge and experience with DES-DDD and its network of qualified vendors are obvious and I recommend Ken to any agency seeking expert consultation on programmatic issues.

John Dacey

Attorney at Law

I would highly recommend Ken Whelan’s Fact Finding Inquiry (FFI) training to any agency.  Our agency utilized the services of Ken Whelan & Associates, LLC to provide FFI training to our employees in November of 2017.  Ken’s training session was dynamic, interesting and very beneficial to our staff.  The feedback we received from staff was an “all thumbs up!” .  The staff expressed that the training exceeded their expectations and left them with a better understanding of the investigation process, clarification of the State’s rules regarding investigations, the steps for interviewing and incident reporting and how the chain of AHCCS works.  Overall, the training gave our agency a fresh new approach to the investigation process.  We will definitely use Ken Whelan & Associates, LLC for our future training needs.

Kelli O’Toole


Our agency has utilized Whelan & Associates on multiple occasions to assist us in developing plans and strategies for moving toward a successful future. We have found Whelan & Associates to be “just what the doctor needed” in helping us move forward.

Russ Schlichting

Executive Director/Retired, Tucson Residence Foundation

I have known Ken for years and always respected his knowledge and passion for service to people with disabilities. His integrity and commitment to “always do the right things” has impressed me….always.

Recently I contacted Ken to conduct Internal Fact Finding (IFF) training for my management team. As a customer, I was impressed, incredibly impressed. The training was interactive, on point and comprehensive. His collateral materials were perfect. He didn’t just do a training presentation; he provided a complete IFF Management system.

His investigative techniques and scenario based training provided my staff with the tools necessary to do their job with pride and confidence. The supervisor manuals and forms provided our team with a roadmap so that they can provide a quality and comprehensive response to any request, any time.

Rick Hargrove

COO, Abrio Services

As a former Day Program director of a large non- profit agency I have had the pleasure to work with Mr. Whelan for over two decades. His knowledge of the business side of the industry coupled with his compassionate approach to the clientele makes him an asset to any company that secures his services. I strongly recommend Ken for any project a provider may need to provide the best supports possible for their members.

Bill Schmidt

Hozhoni Foundation/Retired

Ken’s business has been a value added benefit to both my staff and I. He is committed to being part of building quality programs that are socially conscious for and with others. His cultural and situational awareness stand out during all interactions with others. He reinforces to all of us that our decisions about the organization should start with how it will benefit both the individual receiving supports and the individual delivering the supports. Mr. Whelan provides us with constant updates as to current and future policy and funding changes that may influence our planning decisions.

Isidore Esemonu

Esemonu Group Home Inc.

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