Ken Whelan and Associates L.LC., is a human service management and business consulting company. We provide consultative support to individuals, agencies and governments in furthering their missions to provide quality support to individuals with developmental and related disabilities. We provide services including, but not limited to:  financial planning, contracts, training, policy development, quality management, strategic planning, program development and program support.  Please see our complete list of services under the tab “our services”.

During the history of the company we have worked with diverse stakeholders to create operational efficiencies while promoting systemic compliance with their contract agreements. Ken specializes in supporting the mission, values and goals of rural and urban and small non-profits along with large companies through strategic planning and organic community partnerships. Ken possesses over two decades of public experience and over two decades of private program administrative experience with strong analytical, written and verbal skills necessary to consult on complex, sensitive and unique operations and situations.   We have extensive experience in public and political relations with organizations throughout Arizona, NM and Colorado. Additionally, we thrive at supporting rural areas through community building, including specific experiences collaborating with Dine’ (Navajo Nation) and other American Indian tribes and agencies. Our company has also provided the same consultative supports to companies outside of the I/DD field.

Are you a provider in need of someone with decades of experience to?

  1. Provide an overview of potential funding source changes, including the integrated model.
  2. Engage in a confidential consult and take a fresh and objective look at your operations.
  3. Facilitate a strategic positioning discussion or plan.
  4. Revise policies, procedures, job descriptions employee or family handbooks.
  5. Get ideas on how to stand out from other organizations.
  6. Revise family and member satisfactions surveys.
  7. Offer an objective, thorough look at a day program.
  8. Mediate issues between parties.
  9. Add new services to your existing DDD agreement.
  10. Assess and offer recommendations on how to increase efficiencies.
  11. Conduct specialized training, including investigation/ fact finding inquiry, DSP and leadership courses.
  12. Review training materials and overall end user experiences for all stakeholders.
  13. Provide assistance with marketing ideas for DSP’s
  14. Build a comprehensive quality management plan with proven internal controls for systemic compliance.
  15. Offer a refresher on the requirements, terms and conditions of your Qualified Vendor Agreement.
  16. Prepare an emergency plan and/or a business continuity plan.

We are not in business, we’re on a mission. Let us join yours.